The Jersey Royal is one of Britain's best-loved potatoes. Traditionally it was grown in small-scale fields on the island of Jersey, but with increasing technology it is now possible to grow this delicious potato on a larger scale. When Albert Bartlett, the UK’s leading grower and supplier of potatoes, opened its state of the art packhouse on the island in 2009,they chose JD Cooling as their project partners.

The challenge was substantial. Albert Bartlett needed to create an efficient and environmentally sustainable facility on Jersey. Planning restrictions on the island were rigorous and demanded a ‘silent’ factory. And Albert Bartlett themselves wanted their operation to blend in perfectly to its surroundings. The key to success for this operation was designing a cooling plant that would remove field heat from the crop as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling the delivery of high quality new potatoes to supermarkets across the UK.

JD Cooling designed a system employing three hydrocoolers that are capable of cooling freshly harvested crops from temperatures of up to 28 degrees to 5 degrees in less than 15 minutes.

The crop is then quickly transferred to temperature controlled storage and dispatch areas before being delivered to the mainland via a sophisticated chilled distribution network. The system integrates the latest energy-saving technologies whilst enabling the cooling capacity to match a constantly varying level of demand. The advanced cooling system created by JD Cooling for Albert Bartlett ensures maximum shelf-life across the UK for large quantities of the much-loved Jersey Royal. Plus, our system more than satisfied the appetite of the planning department on Jersey. We had created a highly efficient, technically ‘silent’ solution which blended perfectly into its beautiful surroundings.